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About Linda

Welcome. Come in and sit for awhile. Rest your weary and troubled heart. There is space here for all that you bring, and all of who you are. I will walk beside you on this part of your Journey as you explore the issues that have brought you to this place. Using the tools of therapy you can take a look at the beliefs you carry about yourself and the behaviors stemming from these beliefs that no longer serve you. We will find the pathways that lead you home - to your own wholeness - restoring a heart-knowing sense of self love, compassion and your own joy. 
The work we do together can help you develop healthy relationships; first with yourself, and then with others. This process supports you in restoring a balanced sense of self-esteem and aids you in becoming more empowered in your own life. 
Linda Riley MA, LMFT, CHT, is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Heart-Centered Certified Hypnotherapist. Located on beautiful Whidbey Island, Linda works with her canine friend Finnegan, a Golden Retriever. Linda can be reached at (360) 929-3697.

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Life Coaching

Welcome. Together we will track the yearnings of your dreams and visions into the land of deep listening.

Following the messages of your beautiful SoulSong and rooted in the earth of your belonging, you can speak, out loud, what you truly want for your life.

We will co create the framework in which you can explore your unlimited possibilities, and actualize your wisdom, gifts and strengths.

In this way, rooted in the ground of your being, you can successfully give your choices 'feet to walk in the world'


To learn more about upcoming workshops please click on the photo above.

This process connects the conscious part of our mind with the subconscious part: our long term memory, emotions, feelings, patterns, beliefs, creativity, and even our intuition - in other words, where 90% of "who we are" resides!


It is in this connection that old, unresolved issues, which show up in our lives as current difficulties, are illuminated, released, and healed. 


To learn more about upcoming workshops please click on the photo above.

Small Group Workshops that explore becoming a Crone Elder and Breaking Free from things that hold you back are just 2 of the practical workshops Linda facilitates. 


To learn more about upcoming workshops please click on the photo above.


Contact Linda

Linda Riley MA/LMFT/CHT

Freeland, WA  Whidbey Island

Tel: 360-929-3697


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